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Updated: Mar 28, 2019

a Review of Equine Supported Therapy

In April, a good friend and I tried Equus coaching. Both of us rode as children and try to enjoy a trail ride in every country we visit. So this type of horse experience was certainly for us.

What is Equus Coaching?

Basically you are put in situations with horses which force you to hyper focus on the experience. You see very quickly how you cope with the stimulus and how you decide to handle it is meant to give you insight into how you cope with a variety of situations life offers us every day.

Staff 5 / 5

Cleanliness n/a (it is a barn setting after all)

Equipment n/a

Ease of Booking 5 / 5

Instructors 5 / 5

Overall 5/ 5

Who can benefit?

We’ve sent many of our friends for a session and we’ve yet to have a bad review. It is a unique approach to therapy in natural setting which creates a relaxed atmosphere and facilitates your ability to reflect internally very quickly. Because it is outside, if you have allergies it may not be enjoyable.

Here is my testimonial for the session ;

“Katherine’s Equus session was a beautifully unique experience. From the start you are fully immersed in the task at hand. This level of presence in the moment allows you to access a 3rd person view of your decision making process. With this view, Katherine guides a line of questioning to facilitate self-reflection in a gentle manner. I recommend this experience to anyone who’d like to explore their behavior in a cheerful setting or who has an affinity for animals.”

Pro Tip : Be sure to read the instructions the Equus coach will send you. There is a bit of prep work involved to make sure you are comfortable in the yard and get the most out of your session.

Equus Coaching is a very non-confrontational way to understand your habits or behavior patterns that hold you back from living well. With everything you try even if you can take away one nugget of insight, it is worth it.

cheers to U living well,


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