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Jennifer May, McS Neuroscience

Jennifer is a neuroscientist and psychologist with over a decade of experience as a consultant and senior manager at McKinsey and Company. She is an experienced facilitator and coach who deeply enjoys working with CEOs, executive teams, and board of directors around the world. She has lead transformational work in all GCC countries, South Africa, India, Europe and the US. 

Jennifer has training in Brain Based Coaching and clinical hypnotherapy and is certified in Leadership Circle Profile for individuals and systems. 


She studied health systems at Harvard, has a Masters of Neuroscience (Magna cum Laude) from Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam, a Bachelors of Science in Business and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, both Summa cum Laude, from Kansas State University. 

Jennifer calls both the US and the UAE home. She has lived in Dubai for the last 10 years with her husband and two children. 

A.J. is a multi-certified wellness consultant, yoga/meditation instructor, and fitness coach with private and corporate clients in Dubai, Paris, London & Los Angeles. Her lifelong commitment to sports and kinesiology lead her to study various types of physical movement over the past 15 years. She has dedicated her life to understanding how the body's use of potential and kinetic energy effect physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


She discovered an affinity for biology at UC Berkeley during her undergraduate years and went on to study Nutritional Science at Cornell then Food & Health with Stanford University School of Medicine. Later she studied Anatomy under Standford's Division of General Medical Disciplines in the Department of Medicine, Occupational Health & Surgical Anatomy. Ever the eager learner, A.J. is currently working towards her M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology as she continues her ongoing education in movement and wellness. Ultimately, she would like to earn a doctoral-level research position where she plans to focus her work on the interdependent relationship between physical health and mental health outcomes (especially removing the barriers to entry in wellness practices for under-served populations).

Her interdisciplinary approach to wellness coaching and yoga/movement instruction is based on a philosophy of developing clients’ physical and mental awareness to enhance their ability to practice self-care in real time.


A.J. coaches professional athletes, executives, fitness professionals, business owners, private individuals, and also supports large companies and organisations to integrate wellness practices into their culture as a wellness consultant. 


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