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Jennifer May, fully-certified leadership   and personal development coach, leads talks & lectures on ;

- Leading in a Complexity

- Centered Leadership

- Adult Development

- The Neuroscience of Leadership

- Effective Leadership

- Team Building

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Talks & Lectures

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Alexandria Lee, multi-certified wellness,   nutrition, and  personal development counselor, gives talks & and lectures on ;

- Biological Impact of Yoga & Meditation

- Successful Corporate Wellness Programs

- Sleep Hygiene & Jet Lag

- The Psychology of Dieting

- Science of Self-Care

- Mindfulness

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Talks & Lectures

inciteU Wellness

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Jennifer & Alexandria create customized joint talks, lectures, workshops, and retreats for your private events, corporate wellness goals, and personal and professional development conferences. 

Below is an example of subjects covered in past events :

          -   Unconscious Bias 

          -   Intention / Goal Setting 

          -   Physical & Emotional Presence for Leaders

          -   Building on Your Personal Strengths 

          -   Growing Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs

          -   Managing Our Inner Critic

          -   Engaging Your Inner Dreamer

          -   Navigating Corporate Life 

          -   Balancing Personal &Professional Well-being

          -   The Importance of Appreciation 

          -   Physical & Mental Tension Release Techniques 

          -   Authoring Our Lives and Visions

          -   Action Planning 

          -   Engaging Teams as a Collaborative Force 

          -   Owning Your Physical & Mental Space 


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