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Wellness & Leadership  

inciteU is dedicated to helping leaders sustainability transform their well being & professional lives, by becoming more emotionally, mentally, and physically resilient.

incite U Leadership

Develop professionals to be healthy, transformational leaders who drive team and company performance.  Our professional development programs integrate wellness, personal data and biofeedback technology to ensure sustainable performance.


Each of our professional programs are tailored to suit the needs of the specific clients and individuals they serve.  Common elements include:

  • Leadership & personal effectiveness assessments (e.g., Leadership Circle Profile)

  • High stakes communication, rapport building and transformative listening

  • Team dynamics

  • Positive psychology, including strengths, values and meaning

  • Develop professional relationships & networks

  • Dealing with difficult people / situations

  • Creating Flow / Finding your personal best

  • Mindfulness & Awareness training

  • Leadership for Women

  • Unconscious bias & how to mitigate it

  • Professional wellness (e.g., postural awareness, breath work, desk yoga, etc)

Programs range from half-day to week long retreats. Deeper programs can also integrate elements from Incite Wellness and Incite Coaching.

incite U Wellness

Coaching, professional wellness programs and retreats which focus on realizing your innate potential by balancing mind, body, and spirit for a meaningful and fulfilling life.  Just as physical, mental and emotional wellness cannot be separated, we believe your professional performance is intimately linked with personal health / wellness. 

Our wellness programs create space to rejuvenate, reconnect with what matters to you, and commit to a plan of action.  Each program is designed around the participants in it, and focuses on holistic wellbeing, including:

  • Wellness coaching

  • Fitness assessments

  • Nutrition insights

  • Movement programs, including resistance training, movement and bio-mechanics

  • Sleep analysis and interventions

  • Meditation and centering techniques

  • Eliminating inner blocks which have previously hindered results

We host open enrollment and tailored, private retreats and offer individual wellness coaching. 

incite U Coaching

Tailored, one-to-one coaching for professional and personal development.  Our holistic approach includes wearable technology, personal wellness data, and biofeedback to achieve transformational goals across mind, body and spirit. Here's what we do:

  • Clarify what you most want from life, personally and professionally

  • Identify & shift limiting mindsets and beliefs

  • Strengthen personal accountability and track progress on what matters most

  • Optional: Use wearable & biofeedback technology to help you consciously & unconsciously adjust lifestyle

  • Optional: health & wellness coaching (e.g., postural analysis, tailored nutrition advice, occupational and personal movement improvement, etc.)

incite U Online

Online and mobile extension of InciteU Work, InciteU Wellness, and InciteU Coaching.

- Coming soon -

Online mini-trainings to remind & refresh content learned in InciteU Work & Wellness programs.

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