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Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Review of Snake & Twist

a view of the 6 Reformers

Each summer I spend a bit of time in Paris. In addition to the museums, symphonies, arts, and fashion, I most definitely indulge in the local ingredients France has to offer. In doing so, I usually commit to a bit more movement each day.

Generally, I aim to walk 5 miles a day and do yoga and body weight exercises at home. The walking is easy. Who doesn’t love a stroll down charming, tree-lined avenues? Yoga is something that happens naturally as well. It is the other movement that I have to motivate myself for. It’s much easier to laze around a a cafe with a pain au chocolat and latte, right?

So while in Paris, (or Rome, or Tokyo, or anywhere...) I try out different fitness studios.

In the 16th arrondissement there is a recently opened Pilates & Yoga Studio, Snake & Twist. The easy to locate studios is bright studio with 3 rooms. One for yoga, another for Pilates Reformers, and yet another for with Pilates mats, chairs, and barrels.

Staff 5 / 5

Cleanliness 4.5 / 5

Equipment 4 / 5

Ease of Booking 4 / 5

Instructors 4 / 5

Overall 4.3 / 5

Mats are provided, although if you have your own I’d bring it. Towels available for rent, sorry no towel service. The ladies I practiced with in the studio were all very kind and decidedly unpretentious. I met posh Parisians, Khaleeji couples, and a few expatriates from Europe and North America, all are welcome here. Booking is easy using the Mind Body app. If your French leaves much to be desired (as mine does) make sure your next class is booked by looking at the computer screen, because the classes fill up quickly.

They do offer hot yoga. I am extremely particular about any Hot yoga classes I attend. I did not like it because the heating system was not centralized. It was four heating panels on the ceiling which provided inconsistent heat and sort of burned my skin.

Pro tip: Chic Parisians wouldn't dream of walking about in head to toe LuLulemon (my default work uniform in Dubai). Luckily, sportswear is "in" at the moment. Pair a black pair of leggings with a blouse or oversized sweater and slides or ballet flats and no one at your local boulangerie will know you've just slam dunked a killer legs workout.

If you are looking for a quick sweat and a welcoming smile in the 16th, Snake & Twist is the spot.

cheers to Ur health,


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